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05 Smart Education


In ‘Smart Life’ Experience Zone, you can experience firsthand how technologies are applied in our lives and how they change our lives.

The ‘Smart Life’ is composed of 5 different sections, Education, Welfare, Governance, Mobility, and Energy. We have provided easy and interesting smart city experiences that are not the far future technologies but already realized in our lives.

First, Smart Education in smart city uses various digital media instead of paper books, introducing a whole new classroom paradigm from studying alone to engaging in participatory learning through discussions and communications.

- At Smart Textbooks station, the Paleozoic creatures are introduced by using mixed reality. Students can observe the dinosaur skeleton with playing dinosaur bone matching content, and enjoy the active learning about five different dinosaurs!

- At Smart Sketch station, create your own smart mobility from the media table and shoot your mobility into the wall screen. Watch it become 3D mobility and race! The denser you color it, the faster your mobility will run!

Let’s enjoy together!