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1F Urban Growth Center
07 Smart Governance


Smart Governance Zone is designed to help users understand the concept and purpose of a Digital Twin, a key element of planning a smart city, through a virtual space experience.

The city information displayed on the Kiosk screen is the actual Sejong Happy City 2 Living Zone. You can find the 3D spatial information like landscape, sunlight effect,

underground facilities information and CCTVs from Spots 1, 2 and 3 and you can check them in bird’s eye or road view.

At ‘Experience Mode’ spot, you can build various types of buildings and parks in a virtual reality that digitally duplicates Sejong Happy City 2 Living Zone.

You can also see the changes in the landscape and the daylight exposure accordingly.

This virtual simulation experience allows citizens and businesses to think over together, participate in hands-on experience to create the optimal city for all.

Try and experience how the ‘Governance’ works in smart city.