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1F Urban Growth Center
08 Smart Mobility


In the ‘Smart Mobility Zone,’ you can board the autonomous driving concept car to experience future mobility technologies and services,

and encounter various technical elements laid out in the Smart City.

Once you are seated inside the car, press the Start button on the front screen.

For autonomous technologies to work effectively, a big data center that collects and processes all the data in your city is required.

While driving, you will be guided by A.I, and A.I will help you shop and send your logistics to your desired location.

Self-driving cars are smart vehicles that can alter the routes and take you safely and quickly to your destinations even in the events of dangerous situations. It can also automatically recharge itself after the driver gets off.

As you have witnessed in the video, various technologies are organically linked to make our lives convenient and happy. That’s the future of mobility in Smart Cities.