Introducing the Smartium’s History and Exhibition Hall by floors.


층별안내도 1F도시성장관 2F주택도시정책관 3F스마트기술관 ROOF스마트에너지파크
Exhibition on Urban Growth

The Exhibition on Urban Growth has three sections: Welcome Zone, Smart City Hall and Smart Community. This exhibition allows you to understand our value and the history of urban development and to meet a sustainable future city that fuses building technologies with information and communication echnologies.

Welcome Zone
Welcome Zone
  • Welcome the Smartium (Information)
  • Interactive Wall
Smart City Hall
You can join various urban services that improve the quality of life and the urban competitiveness here at the Smart City hall, a hall that holds our value and philosophy of the future city.
스마트시티 홍보관
  • Infinity Room
  • Smart Theater
  • Experience Zone
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Energy
  • Exhibition on Pictures by Children
Smart Community
You can experience a smart garden, an inner-city botanical garden cafe.
  • Smart Farm
  • Special Exhibits
  • Community Cafe Sodamji
Exhibition on Housing and Urban Policy
Exhibition on Housing and Urban Policy

The Exhibition on Housing and Urban Policy showcases empathic content of government policies and our business both designed to provide a better life. This exhibition has three sections: Urban Regeneration New Deal & Urban Renewal Hall, The Green Housing & Green Remodeling Hall and Model House.

Urban Regeneration New-Deal & Urban Renewal Hall
You can clearly understand our Urban Regeneration and Renewal business and experience empathic content.
도시재생뉴딜&도시정비 홍보관
  • Video of Urban Regeneration & Renewal Business
  • Media Art (Projection Mapping)
  • Media Wall
  • VR Activity
The Green Housing & Green Remodeling Hall
You can understand the aim of public housing that we pursue to follow the “low carbon, green growth” policy and can experience the technology that applies Green Remodeling to our business.
The Green Housing and Green Remodeling Hall
  • The Green Housing
  • Green Remodeling Hall
Model House
You can look around the Newlyweds’ Town model provided for newlyweds, a town tailored for childcare and childrearing;
and the Haengbok Public Rental House model provided for youth aged 19-39 years and the elderly.
Model House
  • Newlyweds' Town (55m2)
  • Haengbok Public Rental House (16m2, 36m2)
The Smart Technology Center
The Smart Technology Center

Conisits of smart home arel Construction technology experience center.
This is a place where you can experience smart home. Technology and receat
construction technology that will show confidence in the upcoming future housing enuironment.

The Green Housin & Green Remodeling
It is a space where you can show the direction of apartment houses pursued by LH to realize low-carbon green growth policies and experience technologies applied to green-remodeling projects.
The Green Housin & Green Remodeling
  • Smart entrance
  • Smart Kitchen
  • Smart Home energy
  • Smart healty care
  • Smart living
  • Smart dress
  • Smart beauty
  • Samrt refresh/study
  • Smart bathroom
  • Platform center
Constraction Technology Center
It is a space where you can introduce and experience the construction technology of lh such as noise between floors, earthquake control, and housing technology.
Constraction Technology Center
  • Noise between floors experience
  • Control earthquake experience
  • Seismic History of Bridges
  • Housing Technology
  • Solar energy generation kiosk
Smart Energy Park
Smart Energy Park

TSmart Energy Park shows you smart, environment-friendly technologies, technologies to achieve harmony between humans and nature.
The Roof has three themes: New & Renewable Energy, Smart Park and Recycling.

New & Renewable Energy
You can meet the new & renewable energy technologies to develop sustainable cities and zero-energy housing and can find a solar energy that generates electricity.
New & Renewable Energy
  • Photovoltaic Power Generating System
  • Solar Heat Collection System
  • Daylight Duct System
  • Optical Fiber System
  • Scheffler Cooker
Smart Park
You, the busy modern people, can feel at home at the Smart Park―an integrated ecofriendly tech park.
Smart Park
  • Oh Chair
  • Fresh Air Dome
  • Smart Streetlamp
You can find a food waste recycling system for fermenting food waste to allow it to break down in an eco-friendly way.
  • Food Waste Recycling System